DoidBox: Android Applications Sandbox

Level: This post is addressed to medium/high technnical skill.
DroidBox is an Android Applications Sandbox, this Project is being developed to offer dynamic analysis of Android applications looking for malware protection.

Sandbox is, in computer security, a security mechanism for separating running programs, protecting our own system from untested code, or untrusted programs when them are executed.

Normally the "sandbox" are used to analyze untrusted program or code for searching Malware. The DroidBox Project can be downloaded from here, and his Beta version is out and the install instructions are available at the project webpage.

The new features are:
  • Prevent some emulator evasion techniques
  • Added visualization of analysis results
  • Automated app installation and execution
  • Displaying analysis information about the APK
  • Static pre-check extracts the app's registered Intents
The following figures show the new visualization added to the beta version.



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