[Qubes-OS] New Release beta3 is Out!

The last January, I was wrote about Qubes-OS in two post (The Next Security OS Generation and Creating a WiFi pen-testing VM). Now I have just been released the beta3 version of this.

Beta 3 fixes lots of annoying problems discovered in Beta 2 and earlier releases, and also implements a bunch of useful feature.

There are some new tools, one of this, is qvm-block, it has been introduced that makes mounting USB devices to any user AppVM very easy, no matter which actual VM is handling the USB controller

So, this allows to have untrusted USB domain(s), almost seamlessly integrated in the desktop system. One can consider to use it in order to preventvarious USB attacks. The next release (the 1.0) will bring this feature to the Qubes GUI manager as well, making it easy to use for non-command-line users too.
Furthermore, now you can do the deployment your "own Qubes-OS distro" more easily, with the new capability implemented in beta 3:

... have now introduced fully automatic Qubes build system, that allows to build all the Qubes packages, and also create the installation ISO, with just one command. More information on this system and on how to use it can be found in the ...ç
Installation and Downloading, all you need to know will find in the "Installation Guide". Or if you prefer, you can download the new ISO now.

The ISO and the digital signature for the ISO from here:

Via | Jorge Sanz and The Invisible Things Labs

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